By Moduquip

Waste Tanker Hassles?

Overflowing Effluent Tanks?

…there’s a better way.


The most portable, powerful and tough plug-and-play drainage system for temporary and portable buildings.

Regular wastewater tankering can be costly, disruptive, and hazardous wherever you are. Smells, overflowing tanks, site access issues, are just some of the challenges faced everyday by those utilising effluent tanks on sites. A simple plug and play CABINPUMP system can make your site cleaner, greener and safer. 

Foul drain nearby?

With the CABINPUMP system, pump wastewater up to 600m to a gravity foul drain to eliminate your wastewater tanker requirements.

No foul drain nearby?

Use CABINPUMP to pump into large above-ground storage tanks and reduce the frequency of your waste tanker trips.


Can be moved from site to site


Pump up to 600m horizontal distance


Designed to operate in harsh environments

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