By Moduquip

Bristol Airport Slashes Maintenance Costs For Airside Toilet Blocks

Bristol Airport, the UK’s third largest regional airport, provided two Containex modular toilet blocks as a semi-permanent facility for airside airline personnel.  Unfortunately due to the location of the toilets, standard gravity drainage wasn’t available and the initial solution was to use effluent tanks.  

However, security measures at the airport that restrict access to airside zones would have severely hampered the weekly tanker visits required to empty the effluent tanks. As it could take up to half a day for a tanker to get airside, empty the tanks and leave the area, operational costs would be considerably high.

With a gravity foul drain just150 metres away from the location of the toilet blocks, the decision was made to replace the conventional waste management system with a CABINPUMP Ultra. This would pump effluent from the toilet blocks directly to the gravity drain, from where it would join the main sewer system with very minimal civils works required.

As a result, operational costs have been slashed by an estimated £1,000 per week and eliminated the disruption caused by tanker visits.

Image: The CABINPUMP Ultra installation.