By Moduquip

CABINPUMP Cuts Costs & Carbon at Whaley Bridge TW

Most sewage treatment works are designed so that effluent enters the site from the main sewers at a higher level than the rest of the works, to reduce the need for additional pumping equipment by relying on gravity.

When VolkerStevin were commissioned to carry out upgrade works at Whaley Bridge Treatment Works, this presented a problem with dealing with the effluent from their welfare cabins: they were unable to use gravity drains to connect to the treatment works’ inlet chamber.

The immediate solution was both farcical and expensive: every week, a tanker would drive to the treatment works, empty the site cabin’s effluent tank, and then drive to another part of the same site to discharge it into the treatment works inlet chamber.

This not only increased the carbon emissions of the project, but incurred additional costs and increased administration.

Installing a CABINPUMP system at the welfare cabin now allows the effluent to be pumped directly to the inlet chamber, eliminating the costs, disruption and environmental burden of the previous solution. 

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