By Moduquip

CABINPUMP Keeps Site Safe in Manchester

The phased development of First Street, Manchester is turning this area into one of the northern city’s most vibrant new neighbourhoods, with a fusion of cultural, leisure, retail and office spaces.

However, space on the construction site is extremely limited and when BAM Construction faced a temporary termination of the gravity drain connections from their site accommodation, they had a problem.

With over 150 workers on site, standard effluent tanks would have required multiple empties per week and in the confines of the available space, frequent visits from waste tankers was disruptive to the site and risky. In addition, costs to and carbon footprint would have been significantly increased.

Capable of pumping effluent over a distance of 600 metres or to a height of 12 metres, CABINPUMP proved to be the perfect answer to the challenge. Wernick Hire – who were contracted to manage the site cabins on the project – used CABINPUMP to divert the effluent to a 10,000-litre above-ground effluent storage tank in a nearby car park.

This solution diverted effluent tanker visits from the crowded site to an area with easier access and less pedestrian traffic. The high-capacity storage tank also reduced the frequency of tanker visits, which in turn made significant cuts to carbon emissions and costs.