By Moduquip

CABINPUMP Mini Solves Site Greywater Challenge

Sewage isn’t the only wastewater that must be managed on a construction site. Greywater from the basins and sinks in the washrooms and canteens must also be properly disposed of, either by diverting it to a suitable drain nearby or collecting it in a tank for regular emptying.

Washroom basins can be easily connected to the same effluent tanks serving the toilets and urinals, but if the canteen cabin isn’t located in the immediate area of the washroom cabin, it will require a separate effluent tank of its own. This uses more space – which can be a problem on a compact construction site – and increases operational costs if the effluent waste contractor levies an extra charge for emptying the second tank.

As tempting as it might be in such circumstances for construction companies to simply discharge greywater into the ground, this practice is illegal.

CABINPUMP Mini is a smaller brother to the CABINPUMP Ultra system, designed only for pumping greywater. By connecting a CABINPUMP Mini to the canteen sink outflow, the greywater can either be pumped to a suitable nearby drain or the effluent tank serving the washroom cabin.

The advantages of this solution are

  1. space saving – a secondary effluent tank isn’t required
  2. cost saving – effluent waste contractors will only charge to empty one tank per visit
  3. efficiency – less disruption to construction work as tankers only access one place on the site
  4. safety – fewer vehicle movements on site reduce the risk of accidents

Think smarter with CABINPUMP to make your construction sites safer, greener and more cost-efficient!