By Moduquip

How CABINPUMP Is Supporting RAAC Remedials

For forty years following the mid-1950s, Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (RAAC) was widely used to construct buildings such as schools and hospitals. While engineers have known for a long time that this product isn’t very durable, it’s only more recently that the scale of the problem has gained wider publicity.

While remedial work is being urgently carried out on buildings that are at greatest risk, this must be balanced with their need to function as normally as possible during the repair period. Modular buildings provide suitable temporary accommodation, but temporary washroom facilities are often less so.

  • There are social, health and hygiene issues associated with having effluent stored in – and regularly emptied from – temporary effluent tanks
  • Frequent site visits from effluent tankers to empty the waste also present a safety hazard, particularly in areas that may be accessible to children and vulnerable adults

CABINPUMP Ultra offers a safe, hygienic and more environmentally responsible alternative. This self-contained unit is capable of pumping effluent across a distance of 600 metres to a gravity drain, where it can discharge directly into the main sewer system.

If no gravity drain is accessible, CABINPUMP can also pump up to 12 metres high into a large-capacity storage tank, reducing the frequency of tanker visits.

CABINPUMP Mini also provides safe, convenient disposal of greywater from temporary washroom and canteen facilities, pumping it either to a suitable nearby drainage system or to an effluent storage tank that is serving washroom facilities.

If you’re carrying our RAAC repairs, how can CABINPUMP products help you provide safe and pleasant temporary facilities for the public?