By Moduquip

Site Toilets: How to Stop The Stink!

CABINPUMP’s biggest compliment from users, “It stopped the stink!”

Toilet facilities on construction sites are more than a legal requirement; they are a human necessity. But at the same time, when connected to effluent tanks, are prone to creating unpleasant smells that only get worse as the weather turns warmer. And when the effluent holding tanks are emptied, nobody wants to be working downwind of them.

How can this problem be solved, or at least minimised?

Pump straight to the sewers

CABINPUMP is a British-designed and manufactured system that revolutionises the way that effluent from construction site facilities is handled. Capable of pumping effluent up to 600 metres horizontally, it can be linked to a gravity sewer connection, removing effluent immediately from the site.

Reduce the frequency of tank emptying

Of course, not every site comes with a conveniently placed gravity sewer connection, but that isn’t a problem for CABINPUMP. Able to pump effluent vertically to a height of up to 12 metres, it can be connected to high-capacity overground storage tanks. This means the intervals between tank emptying are longer and a correctly vented storage tank means the unpleasant odours occur less frequently.

Avoid overflowing

Effluent systems often smell more than they should because the holding tanks aren’t emptied in time and overflowing occurs. While it isn’t cost-efficient to empty a half-filled tank, leaving it too late can be unsafe.

Overflowing effluent tanks can be a thing of the past with CABINPUMP as, if it’s connected to a high-capacity tank, a collection can be requested as soon as it contains a full tanker load but before the tank has reached full capacity.

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