By Moduquip

The New 1km CABINPUMP Has Arrived!

Who would have thought that something so small could pack such a punch?

The original CABINPUMP effluent pumping system was already a star performer, capable of pumping macerated effluent over a flat distance of 600 metres or to a height of 12 metres. This means that contractors can connect site toilets to a gravity drain up to 600 metres away, eliminating the cost and inconvenience of regular site effluent tanker visits.

However, with the increasing amount of large infrastructure sites switching to CABINPUMP, it became apparent that 600m pumping distance wasn’t always enough.  Whether pumping to the nearest foul drain or to a larger tank to provide centralised emptying points for multiple buildings some sites just needed more.

On such sites, CABINPUMPs had been joined together, or daisy-chained, to achieve greater pumping distances.  As a result, remote power supplies had to be installed, more power was consumed, and pipe connections were more complex.

Following extensive testing in multiple environments, we can now announce the CABINPUMP “Power Pack” is available.  This bolt-on can be fitted to all new CABINPUMPs and retro-fitted to existing models enabling a new pumping distance of 1,000m (or 1km!)

If you are interested in upgrading your existing fleet or adding brand-new CABINPUMPs with this bolt-on to your fleet, please get in touch on (0)330 390 4114 or email